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BetGames.TV Presents New Game Rock, Paper, Scissors

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BetGames.TV has got some great news for fixed-odds betting enthusiasts. The live dealer casino games supplier has released a new game, Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Unique Take on Timeless Fun

The origins of the game ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, date as far back as 2000 years. And this is one of the most well-known and popular games in history. However, the modern format (as we play it today) was established approximately 200 years ago.

The game has not been fully explored in a live betting environment, but now it’s time for it. Based on its historical significance and high-fun value, the potential for a betting provider is limitless. 

That’s why they created a live broadcast outcome-based betting product that is innovative, fun, interactive, and provides excellent margins.

Game Process

The Player takes part against the Dealer. And the ‘symbols’ (Rock, Paper, and Scissors) are shown on a card that is dealt. They’ve increased outcomes by adding a Silver and Gold Zone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Player competes against Dealer in either one and/or two zones.
  • Dealer opens the card in the Silver zone. This card will compete with the Player’s choice for the Silver Zone.
  • Dealer opens the card in Gold zone. This card will compete with Player’s choice for Gold Zone.
  • Rules for wins are based on classic ones.
  • Draw ends, dealer gathers all cards and puts them into a shuffler.
  • One draw together with the betting round lasts +-40 seconds.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is available now! Customers can try out the new game by going to the BetGames.TV official site.

The game will be available in South Africa from the 1st of March and in Lithuania from the 1st of April.

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