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Mega Roulette: Our Review, How and Where to Play

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  • The base gameplay loop of Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play involves a simple European roulette wheel. This means that it consists of 36 pockets and a single zero, which all combine for a 97.30% RTP. That calculation is before we factor in the special features, though, which is something to keep in mind.
  • The special features remind us of something like Quantum Roulette with an extra twist. Each turn when you play Mega Roulette for real money, up to 5 numbers will randomly receive the Mega Multiplier. This multiplier increases the payout for straight-up bets made on the number to somewhere between x50 and x1,000. Note that the multiplier replaces the original payout and doesn’t stack with it.
  • Now, the one thing this game does differently from its main competitor are the remaining Mega Bets. Essentially, these wagers allow you to hunt for multiplied Mega Wins using familiar group bets such as Column or Straight. Beneath the fancy feature name, though, it’s a relatively simple mechanic. Betting on Mega Dozens, for example, simply places 12 separate Straight-Up bets on the group of your choosing. Mega Columns are another option, while Mega Chances allow you to do the same with Even Money bets.
  • These unique Pragmatic Play Mega Roulette bets allow players who specifically target multipliers. Since chasing after that big score is one of the main draws of games like Mega Roulette, we feel these wagers play to the game’s strengths.
  • As is standard practice, though, the multipliers mean that the usual payout for straight-up bets is somewhat decreased. Specifically, Straight-up wagers pay out at 29:1, which brings their RTP down to 96.50%

Mega Roulette Mega Roulette Mega Roulette Mega Roulette Mega Roulette

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