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Live Roulette: Our Review, How and Where to Play

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Live Roulette by Luskystreak is a live dealer roulette game released in 2017. It boasts an RTP of 97.30% with a minimum bet of $0.50 and a $12,500 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and offers a classic live roulette casino experience.

Luckystreak can’t boast a particularly broad portfolio, but the games they do offer are up to the highest standards of the industry. As this Luckystreak Live Roulette review will show, this game is suitable for both casual players and high-rollers.

If you’ve played any European roulette game, you should have no problem adapting to the LuckyStreak Live Roulette. As soon as you load the game, you’ll be prompted to place your desired bets. Bet Limits start at €1 and go as high as €12,500. This may vary depending on the casino, but the maximum wager in Luckystreak Live Roulette is generally very high.

The special Call bets can only be placed in a special area called the racetrack. It won’t be visible on the screen until you click on the racetrack icon. Here you can place wagers like Voisins du zéro, Le tiers du cylinder (Thirds of the wheel), Orphelins (orphans), and neighbors bets. All of these allow you to cover a section of the wheel rather than a section of the betting table.

Once you’ve placed your bets, the kind hostess will introduce the ball and set the wheel in motion. At that moment, a smaller close-up screen will appear at the corner of the main video feed screen. This offers you a piece of the action from as close as technically possible.

You’ll notice the gaming screen is uncluttered and neatly organized. It features a chat box for players who like their online casino to be highly interactive. LuckyStreak Live Roulette features exclusive options like game history graphs and statistics of the last 10 spins, making the gameplay a subject of interesting analysis. Chasing hot numbers is common among roulette lovers, and it’s made even easier by the roulette wheel-shaped graph.

  • Keeping up with hot numbers in this game is easier than ever thanks to the multiple stats screens.
  • Though it’s a game of luck rather than skill, you’re much more likely to win in the long run with a consistent Live Roulette strategy.
  • If you’re a beginner and have no idea how to win live roulette, try starting with roulette betting systems.

The best way to understand our praise of the game’s interface is to see it in action. Below, you’ll find a short video depicting a typical round of Lucky Streak Live Roulette. The dealer will also point out the multi-view mode so you can see the difference. The trademark LuckyStreak stats window is also in the upper right corner.

We already mentioned this is a European Roulette view, which means you won’t have to worry about the returns. This version is decidedly better than the American wheel – and that applies to all players in all circumstances. Whether you’re playing Inside or Outside bets, this title is up to the industry’s standards.

The various Call bets are essentially just combinations of the above, so the payouts are the same. All of this contributes to a strong 97.30% RTP rate, just like any other European Roulette wheel. As all long-time roulette players know by now, deciding which live casino roulette is the best comes down to the features and not the potential returns.

Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette

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