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Live Roulette: Our Review, How and Where to Play

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  • Live Roulette by N2-Live is a roulette game played according to the European style.
  • This indicates that there are a total of 37 spaces for the ball to drop into (numbers from 0 to 36 and one zero pocket). Once the betting time is over (it lasts 15 seconds), the dealer will drop the ball and spin the roulette wheel. The aim of this roulette game is to predict where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning – the possibility of colors (red or black), specific numbers or a certain number combination.
  • The game can be played in single-player and multi-player mode, with the option to toggle between a human dealer and a virtual host. The camera shows the front view of the croupier and the wheel but there is also a top vide angle which observes the wheel from above as it spins. In the same section of the interface, you can keep track of the hot and cold numbers and the statistics of the previous rounds (up to 250 previous games).
  • Apart from the standard roulette bets – Straight up, Split, Street, Corner, Line, Dozen, Column, Red or Black, 1-18 or 19-36, Even or Odd – Live Roulette players can also wager on French bets – Zero, Serie 0/2/3, Orphelins, and Serie 5/ 8 and Neighbors. Single-number bets pay 35 to 1 and other bets also pay according to the standard roulette paytable.

Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette

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