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Hot Numbers Bring Hot Prizes at Energy Casino

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Even though the weather is harshly cold outside, the lobby of Energy casino is in flames!

The new live promotion that the casino is offering is hotter than hell – precisely what we need right now! For the next two days, you have a chance to win a cash prize – and all you need to do is play Live Roulette. Here are the details.

13 Is Your Lucky Number

And even if it was not before, now it certainly is.

This new hot promo is all about the number 13, so we hope you are not superstitious. What you need to do is log into your account at Energy casino and hit the live lobby. There you should locate any NetEnt Live Roulette table and take a seat. Place a bet on 13 Black, and you can win a cosy prize of €10. Of course, the prize is yours only if the ball lands on your 13 Black number!

For the bet to be valid, you need to wager at least €2 per hand. Only straight-up bets on the chosen number count towards the promotion. You can win the €10 prize only once per day. But, given that the promotion lasts for 3 days, you can collect a max amount of €30 for the entire promo.

Useful Info

Don’t worry, what you win is yours to use as you like right away.

The cash prizes have no wagering requirements! The promotion lasts until midnight on January 12th, so hurry up and take a seat at NetEnt’s Roulette tables.

Time is precious!

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