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Evolution Launches the Fastest Blackjack around – Speed Blackjack

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The leading provider of Live Casino solutions, Evolution Gaming, has launched the new variant of blackjack called Speed Blackjack.

This super-fast Live Blackjack variant that we previously talked about represents a great addition to Evolution’s already extensive collection of Live Blackjack tables.

Changing the Game

Evolution’s Speed Blackjack has the same rules as its regular Live Blackjack, but the main difference is the new way of dealing the cards.

In the new Speed version, players won’t have to waste time waiting on other player’s moves.

Each player’s first two cards are dealt as normal and after that all players are simultaneously able to choose whether to the opportunity to Hit, Double Down or Split. The fastest player will get their next card dealt first and this dealing pattern goes on until all players have made all of their decisions and all required additional cards have been dealt.

No More Waiting Around

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, shared what the best part about this version of blackjack is:

“Compared to our standard Live Blackjack game, Speed Blackjack is about 30–40% faster. I must say, it feels really good as a player because it is the game you know and love, but you have more control and there’s much less waiting time.”

Haushalter also said this about the game:

“For the last hundred years or so, Blackjack players have made decisions from the dealer’s left to right, in order, and everyone has had to wait for the deciding player because that is how it’s always been done in casinos. We asked ourselves, ‘Why should players have to wait?’

With Speed Blackjack, players make their decision when they are ready and whoever is fastest gets the next hit card, giving the player more control. This has no impact on the maths of the game, it just reduces waiting time.”

Similar to Speed Blackjack, Evolution has previously launched Speed Roulette which also has the fast-paced gameplay.

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